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Welcome to Lumberjack Tree Pros, Inc.

We believe that your trees are important, not only for the beauty of your home, but as a natural resource on our earth. That’s why, at Lumberjack Tree Pros, Inc., we are dedicated to the health of your trees, through pruning, trimming and removal of diseased trees. Lumberjack Tree Pros, Inc., provides ornamental shrub and tree services. 
We're one of the only tree companies in the state that is licensed, registered, certified and fully insured through the U.S. Attorney General's Office. Our umbrella policy insures against any potential damage that could happen on a clients' property in the course of normal work.
Our employees are straight as arrows. We're known for the respect we show to our customers, our promptness on the job-site and the detail-oriented clean-up work we do after we're done and offer free estimates.

Large Tree Services
By offering a value price as well as a low-impact price, we provide estimates that are tailored to the needs of each customer.
When most people take a few days to complete a job, we take a few hours.
With a dedicated office coordinator answering the phone and scheduling appointments and a willingness to work year-round, not just seasonally, almost no time at all elapses from the estimate to the completion of a job. 
To contract with Lumberjack Tree Pros, Inc., call (856) 262-8552.
Wood Chipping quality of work, cleanliness and pricesDon't Trust Your Tree Removal Needs to a Landscaper. a shade better. family ownedHighest Quality Tree Removal At Cheap Prices. We Specialize In Large And Dangerous licensed & fully insured
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